DAQRI Smart Glasses™

DAQRI Smart Glasses™ - $4,995*

DAQRI Smart Glasses™ expands upon the most powerful aspects of the DAQRI augmented reality platform, and delivers it into all-new sectors, including lean manufacturing, engineering, and construction. 

The streamlined design of the Smart Glasses combines portability with access to high quality rendering, allowing the ability to plug and play into any Vos-enabled workstation.

For $4,995, the DAQRI Smart Glasses Developer Program will include:

- 1 DAQRI Smart Glasses

- 1 DAQRI Compute Pack with DAQRI VOS Installed

- Access to developer tools: Vos Extension for Unity, Vos C++ SDK API

- OTA Updates

- Device Management for Enterprises

* Reserve your pair now with a deposit of $495. Balance due for Developer Program prior to shipping. Price excludes applicable shipping and taxes. Due to overwhelming demand our ship dates are now early fall 2017. Your deposit of $495 is fully refundable prior to shipping.

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